Artsy Friends - My friends are going all artsy on me.

Rui is in Vancouver studying the skills related to computer game design (animation, modelling, etc). He sends along a link to the group he’s working with at school… "Chunkyheads". They’re designing a game called “Meziah” and they even have a trailer for it. Is that Rui himself I see at the end? Don’t lose your head, Rui!

Jim sent along some nighttime snaps that are creepy as hell. I’m not sure what I like best about them, but I think it’s the nightmarish X-Files quality. The drugged-out blurriness allows the bright shapes, some of which suggest human figures, to be more ominous and foreboding than the looming dark shapes that tower over the scene, blotting out the indigo sky.

So, what the heck have I done lately?