[FUN] - Aspiring alphabet creator? - Here's just the thing for you. It will guide you through a number of steps to randomply generate an alphabet resulting in a real TrueType font all your own. Hours of good, clean fun. The Alphabet Synthesis Machine. Requires Java.
[BOOKS] - A classic tale of a bully's comeuppance - Mr. Bear Squash-You-All-Flat. After many years of being out of print (apparently surviving original printings are going for $300) they're reprinting it with comments from the author and a foreword by Gary Larson. I have huge fond memories of this book! Anyone else remember it?


[SKEPTIC] - Scientology's manipulation of Google - "While the Church of Scientology is merely one of thousands of entities attempting to manipulate its rankings in Google and other search engines, unlike the others, Scientology has managed effectively to subvert the PageRankā„¢ technology and elect itself supreme." : "Scientology" and Google
[FUNNY] - The wit and wisdom of Prince Phillip - Duke of Edinburgh - Read the quotes for a laugh.
[AMAZING] - Marine crisis averted - This is a tale told in pictures of a boat about to make impact with a drawbridge that failed to open, and how it escaped, just barely. Towboat Limbo
-UPDATE- A backup link for the same pictures.


[FOLLOWUP] -If you couldn't download that "What's Wrong With This Picture"... here is a link that appears a little more reliable: Whats wrong with this picture?? NOTE: I'm told that when you dismiss the page that this link leads to, it brings up a page of text adverts for porn sites. No pictures, just text, but be warned.
[BRAIN TEASER] - Nothing like a brain teaser to get your blood flowing... Look closely and tell me...What's Wrong With This Picture? Post your response to the forum, if you wish.


[SPAM] - Anything for a reply - As if I'm not on enough spam lists. Every once in a while they try to get me to verify that I am still reading spam. I got this message at my work address:

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:43:34 -0500
From: bbjkkll@ns1.ehost2102.com

Subject: Thanks For Lunch Mike
To: jbxxxxx@verinet.com
Reply-to: bbjkkll@ns1.ehost2102.com
Original-recipient: rfc822;jbxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx


Thanks again for lunch it was great!

Best regards,


I guess I'm supposed to write back politely saying that I got the message in error and that I am not Mike. Fat chance. It's all I need to be on yet another list.
[PERSONAL] - February Sucks - What!!!? I'm still sick? This sick thing is getting tired fast. It's a cramp-o-rama.

On top of that, our van got hit while Maggie was taking Mattie to school. They're both OK (thank goodness). I haven't seen the car damage yet.


[PERSONAL] - Better, but still out of it - I dragged myself into work today, but this illness combined with not eating has me pretty weak and lightheaded. Ugh. I hate being sick.


[RIGHTS] - Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is a website devoted to logging and analyzing the effect of "cease and desist" orders on the internet.

When a company issues a C&D against a fan website, a parody, a criticism of a company or product, a fiction site, the result is often a frightened author shutting down part or all of the site to avoid legal trouble. Thus the "chilling effects."

Backed by the EFF, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and the University of San Francisco law school clinics, this site maintains a database of C&Ds and will analyze the legalese contained in a C&D if you receive one, and aims to educate you about your rights regarding online communication.
This site is potentially of interest to anyone who hosts their own website.
[PERSONAL] - Ugh! - For the second day I am sick, dizzy and nauseated. And, no, I haven't been listening to the Joan Rivers Show. There is, undoubtably, some other explanation. Boy, do I feel like crap.
[HUMOR] - It's all connected - Did you realize that the universe of television show crossovers was such a tightly woven but tenuous web? Ready to open your eyes? I give you: Six Degrees of St. Elsewhere By Dwayne McDuffie (It's worth a read if you enjoy TV at all, and only has a little bit to do with St. Elsewhere)