A little Iraq/Star Trek satire - Salon.com provides this bit of humor: Been there, done Iraq
Recently discovered "Star Trek" scripts reveal Saddam-busting strategies.


The sausage of the new century? - Two things it's best not to look too closely ad the production of: sausages and laws. Is there now a third thing to add to that list? Coffee prices have slumped recently, leading coffee producers to begin to cut corners on their product. The lack of money and manpower may lead to things like twigs, floor sweepings and mold appearing in coffee.



The Cost of Silence - Can you copyright the absence of a song? Silent music dispute resolved
Free Encyclopedia - This looks cool. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. In its own words:

"a collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from scratch. [...] The content of Wikipedia is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License, which means that it is free and will remain so forever."
High-Altitude Rambos - (This is another NYT story requiring free registration)

Okay. Can we stop now? I won't be flying anytime soon (especially not with my children), and my fear has nothing to do with terrorists. You're a lot more likely to run into these less-lethal-but-still-loonie gung-ho folks. I guess we've decided to turn "Let's Roll" into "Let's roll all over your rights as a citizen."

The moral of this story? Don't have a tan or watch law enforcement "too closely."
KFC Customer Gets Pot With Chicken - They're always screwing up drive-thru orders, but this one takes the cake. At least KFC can take care of the munchies for you.

"Police arrested Carlos Ayala, 26, of Vallejo, shortly after the customer complained about the pot."

Everyone's a critic.
(Free registration required to read that New York Times link above)
Out og body, or out of mind? - Researchers gain insight into Out Of Body Experiences. It has something to do with the brain - there's a shocker!