- Car Search Over - I finally found a car, and I got off cheap. It's a '94 Saturn SL2. It's a decent looking car and best of all: it works! I can drive myself to work like a real person and don't have to beg for ridea anymore.


For President, a Spiritual Fourth (washingtonpost.com) - Gotta love the quotes from this invocation, given by the Rev. Jack Miller if West Ripley Baptist Church. This invocation was part of the president's 4th of July celebration in Ripley West Virginia:
"We have ridiculed the absolute truth of your word in the name of multiculturalism," Miller prayed. "We have been forced to honor sexual deviance in the name of freedom of expression. We have exploited the system of education in the name of the lottery. We have toyed with the idea of helping human life in the name of medical research. We have killed our unborn children in the name of choice."

It's a religious invocation but it highlights some important ideas. The fact that people differ from the baptists in culture and belief is an annoyance to them. It's not a question of accepting it; its mere existence and any hint of tolerance of it is obviously extremely grating to these people. It's not in their nature to live and let live; controlling the lives of others is a priority. But I wonder if he realized how ridiculous he sounds when he says things like We have toyed with the idea of helping human life in the name of medical research. I guess the idea that god helps those who helps themselves is obsolete. Don't be surprised to hear people saying this sort of thing with emphasis, then going for their medical treatment the next day without a trace of irony.


Listen to El Presidente or be arrested - Students at Ohio State University planned to protest a Bush speech by standing up and turning their backs. But they didn't go through with it. Why? Because they were threatened with arrest and expulsion if they did. See: OSU quells Bush protest but still gets angry words

This part sums it up:

"The purpose of allowing the president to speak in our system is to allow him to convey his views," Vasvari [legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union-Ohio] said. "He should not be ensured or expected to have an enthusiastic audience. Acting in that way is no better than those who round up cheering crowds to line Saddam Hussein's motorcade route."
Sir, your license and FAA registration, please? - A taxiing America West Airlines flight was recalled to its Miami gate Monday and its two pilots arrested on charges of operating an airplane while intoxicated.

Both of them failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit.

Hey, I'm sure once they were in the air they could have napped it off.


Wondering where your Bush tax rebate check came from? - Bush Slashing Aid for E.P.A. Cleanup at 33 Toxic Sites. In a very real sense, you took money away from this cleanup effort. Perhaps you used it wisely, but the children who will someday be affected by this toxic waste might have a different opinion.