Can't...Look...Away - Okay, this is real classless entertainment. Check out this very simple interactive flash joke. Crude, yes. But I can't stop laughing. The Doughboy.


Mystic Roadtrip - We're on the road to Mystic today. Purpose? To look at fish.

You know, if I get a chance I need to tell you folks about last week's Black Ships Festival in Newport. It has inspired me to a new hobby. Anyone want to guess what the hobby is? To remove the obvious, it is not taiko drumming.


Don't Let That Donkey Near Your Parts - Reuters reports that a 7 year old boy in Morocco has successfully had his penis reattached after having it removed by donkey bite. News organizations often leave out the most important information. Like how the heck the donkey had access to the boy's privates.


Death By Chocolate - literally. He fell into a vat of chocolate and died.


Need to grow your reading list? - I certainyl don't. But a good book recommendation is never turned away here. And so, this 5 Feet of Books list goes on the blog. It's a list of books that "every well-read person" should have read. I certainly have not read the majority of them, but it will serve as a guide as I retrieve books on tape from the library.

Also check out the "three foot list" of children's books. I think I'd like to go back and reread some of those.


Bush Bash of the day - Could denying sanitary napkins to 3rd world women get Bush reelected? Stranger things have happened - like Bush becoming president in the first place.
Phantom Cleaner - Only in England. Phantom Cleaner Keeps Town Tidy. Why can't we get some of these folks in the states? Answer: because they would be shot.