Likely to be slashdotted - Salon has an article entitled "Embrace file-sharing, or die". It's a message for the entertainment industry from a record executive and his son. Here are some interesting points: Movie sharing is at an all-time high, and the MPAA lament this fact, but filmmaker's revenues are also at an all-time high. Ticket sales are higher than they have ever been. Why? There's a lot of consumer choice out there in film today. Contrast that with the music industry. It's a long article, but a good read.


Better Not Letter - Is it religious bigotry to refuse to write a biology student a letter of recommendation on the grounds that the student in question is a Creatonist? Professor's Refusal to Recommend Creationist Students Draws Complaint, Investigation (by way of Santa Fe New Mexican and Patti)

The Chancellor writes:"A letter of recommendation is a personal matter between a professor and student and is not subject to the university control or regulation," and I agree.
Make your own Bush Speech - I think I blogged this once before, but it's timely, with the State of the Union having been so much fun this week. Make Your Own Bush Speech. Requires Flash.


Sweel Schadenfreude - Microsoft has recently styled itself as very concerned about computer security. But security starts with secure software. When you release patches which are difficult to install, it's human nature that they will not get installed, leaving systems vulnerable to attack. And, it turns out, Microsoft is helping to prove that right at home. NYT:Worm Hits Microsoft, Which Ignored Own Advice