[POLITICAL] - Chicken Hawks Defending the Roost - is there somehting to the idea that the dreater the distance from the front line, the more vigorous one's attitude toward pursuing war? Check out Working For Change.com's article: 'Chicken Hawks' defend the roost
Where were 'war on terrorism's' shrillest cheerleaders when their country was calling?


[NEWS] - Dudley Moore Dies - I only knew him as "Arthur" and he was an unmistakable character. I had no idea about his musical talent until now. BBC News | Comedian Dudley Moore dies

It's odd to now be at an age where these iconic figures from the 80's are dying.


[RUNNING] - Running Calendar - Mike mentioned that the kick Sports site has a good race calendar. They're basically pointing to the Coolrunning race calendar. Coolrunning has a lot of good running-related stuff, including races and race results.
[HUMOR] - Register as a Patriot! - Before someone gets the idea you are a traitor.Don't wait!


[MEDICAL] - Running is a Pain - Well, it is for me. I'm attempting to train as a beginner runner and around every turn I injure myself. Even starting out slowly. Luckily there are a number of books for runners that deal with injuries, and Maggie owns two decent ones. The Runner's Repair Manual is an oldie but a goodie, and Running Injury-Free is a newer book that has helped us out.

I found the following website which has a lot of the same advice: Kick! | Aches & Pains. It's a general running website, but the injury section is a good place to start. Even if you're not running, it's nice to know how to deal with some of these foot and leg problems. I've had plantar fascia problems long before I started running, so walkers and hikers can get decent advice here.