Wallace and Gromit Are Back! - The story is on BBC news: Wallace and Gromit film premières. There will be 10 shorts appearing on the web in advance of a new W&G movie. Excellent news for fans!
My Peace Pumpkin - Here's the pumpkin I've got hanging out in front of my house now. It's a little bit hippy, but I liked it better than the stark "NO WAR" stencil. I think it gets the message across fine. (Click the image for the full picture)

We may be heading off full steam to war, but I don't have to like it.

If you've been feeling like all our questions haven't been answered or that the country is being steamrolled, this is a pretty easy way to make a statement regarding what sort of activity you think the Bush administration should be engaging in.

I've been duped! - That prostitute story is an urban legend. I should ahve known, but I was blinded by the BBC. Can't you trust any news source anymore? Dammit!

Link: Urban Legends Reference Pages: College (Close Relations)