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Bleh. - That pretty much sums it up today. I feel "bleh." Not even Mr. Yuk can cheer me up, but he helps a little.

My car is pretty much dead. I can choose to repair it for (probably) more than it is worth, or look for a new car. I hate car shopping, and the prospect is not amusing. On top of that, we have lost our daughter's doctor for the second time in a year. Doctor shopping and car shopping. I suppose I can look to the news for at least a little bit of fun.

Hmmm. Looks like Ashcroft overplayed the "dirty bomb" scare. Is this going to be a new theme? Frighten us to quell criticism?

And lookie, lookie. Bob Barr, the impeachment junkie, is suing Clinton, Flynt and Carville for "emotional distress." He's emotionally distressed? The word I would have used is "disturbed." (Also at the end of that column, catch Ashcroft revealing his favorite Simpsons character. Who knew?

At least I have a reliable source for realtime U.S. spyplane images. You'd think that this would cheer me up.

The news that a relative of mine (a cousin) may very well soon be posted as second in command (XO) of a new destroyer was the best news of the day.

Perhaps I can look to the weekend for a lift. Getting to work won't be an issue for 3 days (tomorrow I'm taking off) and there are a few interesting things happening. Maggie and I are getting our gaits analyzed, there's a big graduation party for my cousin Sarah and Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted is slated for Saturday night accompanied by Mike. Stop complaining! Things are looking up!


Bush on 9/11 - A video is appearing on the internet, taken at the elementary school reading class which Bush was visiting when the WTC attacks took place. BuzzFlash News Analysis - What Happened at Emma E. Booker School on the Morning of September 11th? I haven't seen the video yet, but this is going to become a part of history like other vivid images of the day.


Bathroom humor? - No, it's not humor but useful information. A Woman’s Guide on How to Pee Standing shows that if you have assumed that men have some advantage over women in the area of elimination, you have assumed wrong. Women who are not peeing while standing simply don't know how.

My favorite comment on the page: "It works best when we are all drunk!" For women who don't want to have to practice as much, there are devices which will help.

This information is courtesy of the Restrooms of the Future website. Among other things, you can learn all about Bashful Bladder Syndrome!

My urge to make multiple adolescent-quality jokes aside (and they have their own comedy section on the site) this is an interesting idea for a website.


UFO absorbs F-18 fighter! - Or perhaps this is a plane coming through a dimensional vortex. Or you can click the picture for the true explanation, which is that this interesting image is formed when a vehicle breaks the sound barrier under particular conditions. The web page where I found this also has an MPEG movie of the phenomenon. Scroll down to "Aviation."
Designated driver kicked out of bar for refusing alcohol - This is plain goofy. Mr. Wong is awarded this week's Four Flush of Disgrace. It's certainly within his legal rights to refuse her entry to the establishment, but where the law ends is where the Four Flush begins!

I don't see why anyone would want to be a patron where the management has so little tact or clue.