New Pet - My Saturn SL2 has an inhabitant. I have noticed that every morningthere is a new spider web on the driver's side mirror. Every day I drive to work or wash the car and every morning, without fail, the spider rebuilds the web.
I haven't seen the creature yet, so it must be living behind the mirror, within the hooded mirror enclosure. At first I found the webs a little bit annoying, but it must be more annoying to have to keep rebuilding them.
CRASH! - My hard drive at work crashed, so if I have missed any emails, that's the reason. Ever notice how these things happen at the least opportune time? Luckily, I do have backups, but even more lucky is the fact that I was able to recover the device (albeit in a slightly scrambled state) with the help of friends.


- Shrinky-Dink Car - As reported earlier, I bought a used Saturn a couple of weeks ago. For those interested, here is how a 1997 Saturn (with its plastic door panels) fares when parked too close to a forest fire.