Nonspecific Update - It's been a rough few days. Mattie had a relapse and was hospitalized for a few days for some steroid and chemotherapy. But there were things I wanted to post here for the loyal readers.
  • Bull is back in the states. I saw him on Saturday, though all too briefly. He's goign to be at Aegis school in VA for a while, and then up in Maine to oversee the crew arrangements for his new ship. He'll also be back in Newport for a while. It isn't until the summer that the ship will be completed. Testing is also apparently a long process.
  • I've been in physical therapy for my achilles tendon, which I think is working out well. Time will tell. I have a lot of "fun" exercises and streches to do, so that's interesting.
  • What's with Poindexter being assigned to gather all sorts of information on the citizenry? Chief snoop in charge of other people's emails? Ironic, isn't it? Or, Iran-ic. (sorry)