Feeling Left Out In the Desert? - Perhaps you need to stop by at the LiberalOasis. Among other things, they're saying that the Democrats have to start saying no compromises. Huzzah! Let the GOP screw it up on their own - now is the time to stick to principles.

Take a drink of cool water.


My Vote Didn't Count - People say that when you vote for a third party or when you write-in a candidate that your vote did not count. Well, I wrote in Randall Forsberg for senate and my vote should have counted as a protest to Kerry's rolling over and approving the president's War Powers Resolution. Instead, my vote did not count because my town did not bother to count the write-in votes!

We're looking into why this happened. When Maggie called the town hall to find out whether they have tallied the votes yet (in an attempt to help the Forsberg people organize their election results) she was told that they had not bothered to count any write-in candidate votes. Then she was told Ms. Forsberg was not a legal candidate, which strikes me as a complete and utter ass-covering fabrication. As you can see here, other communities are counting their Randall Forsberg write-in votes. In fact, the lady got over 13% of the vote in Amherst, almost double that of Cloud, who was on the ballot.

There is a page recording problems people have had writing in Randall Forsberg. I expect our story will be up there after Maggie submits it.


Black Tuesday - Well, the Republicans are in control of our federal government now. They have 2 years to prove they can provide leadership. My personal opinion is that they've just been given enough rope to hang themselves with. Just as they did in in the era of the "Contract With America" they will over-read their mandate and piss off the American people. And the next election will unseat the president.

Well, we shall see.