[ENTERTAINMENT] -Calista Setting - Yes - Ally McBeal is coming to an end. I don't have anything against the cast members, and I even found the show mildly amusing for a brief time. But if Fox axes it, perhaps there will be more cash for "Family Guy" episodes. Check out the skinny at Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid (scroll down to the McBeal story).
[DVD] - More DVD resources - Last night i created my first VCD - a Video CD that plays an MPEG on a DVD player. My hope is to start moving "home movies" onto Video CD so that they can be played over and over again, and duplicated for the relatives.
RipHelp.com - Downloads - DVD provides tools for manipulating these video files.


[PEOPLE] - Always check the news while on vacation - You never know when you're wandering into a war zone. For example...

Two tourists engrossed in their guidebooks and heading for the birthplace of Jesus Christ unwittingly wandered into the centre of a war zone on Tuesday.

The Japanese couple were amazed to find that Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity was at the centre of a 16-day old siege between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen.

The whole story here: Backpackers baffled by Bethlehem siege. That's what you get for following one of those cheap celebrity Jesus maps.


Rui got the answer to Tuesday's riddle. You can check out the answer in the comments section for that entry if you're curious.
[ENTERTAINMENT] - Akira Remake Planned - Someone is remaking Akira for the western audience. Will it finally make sense? The movie verison is a pretty wild ride, but I remember being completely baffled by the original comic. I wonder if they are worth anything nowadays?


[HUMOR] - Caribou Study - What if your caribous study did not end up as planned? What would Dubya do? Caribou animation
[FUN] - Today's Riddle - I just made up a riddle. Post your answers in the comments.

A very curious name have I,
Half is the truth, and half is a lie.
Unlike my brother, section by section
My name is not my complexion.

Who am I?