The King of Weird News - If you enjoy Reuters "Oddly Enough" section, imagine that turned up a notch. Daily Rotten: Weird News seems to get even weirder news (and sometimes, a little more disgusting news) than the Reuters folks. I don't know who is compiling ths stuff, but here's a smattering of their current stories just for example:

John Winter Smith has a dream: to visit every single Starbucks coffee shop on the planet.

Soccer coach decks 12 year old girl

India's face-snatching epidemic

Tourists get Texas urine shower

(Warning: the other parts of "Rotten" are pretty disturbing, so don't wander too far if you have a weak stomach. And I mean that.)
The No-Risk Bet - What happens when somebody steals your debit card and bets on the races? Further, what happens when they win and since they can't produce ID, the winnings are directly depisited back into the victim's checking account? Read this and find out.


Garden Spider - Looking around, I'm convinced that the spider on my car is a Black-and-yellow Garden Spider. Their picture is sharper than my fuzzy attempts.

Spider Redux - Well, I still haven't seen the Spider on the mirror of my Saturn, but cleaning out my old car revealed a really neat spider lurking on the passenger side mirror there. I was able to get some decent pictures: (1) The spider and its shadow; (2) The spider crawling on the car; (3) The spider and the mirror; (4) A bright picture of the spider; (5) A blurry but decent spider pic

The kids were delighted by the spider, but opening the door ruined his web and sent him crawling on the car. So - what sort of spider is this?