"Purple Crack" - The Globe magazine had an interesting story this week about Prilosec in specific and drug companies in general. This business is a bit of a mystery to me, especially the rules surrounding patents vs. generics. The article contends that AstraZeneca is using its lawyers to extend the profitable life of Prilosec (preventing cheaper generics) while readying a switch to a new drug (Nexium) that doesn't really work any better but has a new patent.
Boston Globe Online / Magazine


USA - Gun Distributors to the World - So now we've got "Homeland Security." Wonderful. But while we're passing all these new limitations on our freedoms, why hasn't there been any serious effort to prevent terrorists from arming themselves through the USA's lax gun laws? We're arming the terrorists that we're supposed to be fighting. Read: The Guns of Opa-Locka: How US Dealers Arm the World
Rattlesnake kiss nearly kills man - This is a perfect example why teaching abstinence is a bad thing. Horny young adults kissing poisonous snakes.