[MEDICINE] - A link between dental hygiene and Diabetes - Most of the announcements of "there is a link between X and Y" aren't as surprising as this one - that there is a link between gum disease and diabetes. They are suggesting that dental hygiene may be a better factor in the onset of diabetes than age and obesity. Read about it at: Yahoo Reuters.


[SCIENCE] - Oops! Who says science isn't self-correcting? - Recently, when some scientists announced that the universe was (overall) a turquoise color, they ment it to simply be a fun side detail in an otherwise serious report. Of course, colors are much more exciting than scientific numbers and measurements, so the media took the story and ran with it. But it turns out that the software doing the analysis was used incorrectly. The universe is actually more of an off-white cream color.

Perhaps this disturbs some people, but I find it reassuring that they are so willing to admit their mistake. Not everybody is like that.

For example, Enron has admitted that they spent at least 3 times the money they previously had acknowledged lobbying the White House and congress. I'm willing to bet that their clarification has something to do with how Bush has abandoned them. Still, no one at Enron is willing to sign off on this new announcement.
[WRITING] - A drug information resource for writers -
"The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (for ONDCP) has developed DrugStory.org to present the latest drug-related information to entertainment writers and feature journalists. DrugStory.org offers its audience of writers links to Web sites that offer detailed content on specific drugs and drug related issues."
[SCIENCE] - BBC News | Robot sub finds Antarctic food stash - A team of scientists found a major reserve of krill which live beneath the Antarctic sea ice and act as a source of food for various marine animals.
Research like this makes me wonder about the fragility of our ecosystem. What if some climate change were to eliminate this source of food? What would the chain reaction be?


[GAMES] - Talisman Circus is a free unofficial expansion set for Talisman. Remember Talisman? That goofy game where the object of the game was to gain access to the center of the board by getting a talisman, but sometimes it was just plain more fun to cause trouble to the other players.Check out the travelling circus ate this website:www.talismancircus.co.uk
[ENTERTAINMENT] - Undies switcheroo - ABC is showing James Bond movies. But apparently someone has decided that the half-naked women often appearing in the films (well, Diamonds Are Forever for one) should have different colored underthings. Enter the magic of digital enhancement! The Smoking Gun has the story about ABC's digital manipulations, pictures included. If they really wanted to improve some of these films they would simply digitally replace Roger Moore with Sean Connery.
[HORRIFIC] A man was hit by a car in Texas and got lodged in the windshield. The driver was a nurses aide. She drove back to her garage with him still impaled to the car and left him there where it took days for him to die. Occasionally she would come out to apologize.Bizarre details of man's death revealed


[WEIRD WIDE WEB] - Furnication - Where do you go when you want to see pictures of hot chair-on-chair action? You go to the Furniture Porn website, that's where. If pictures of furniture in the nude (unvarnished?) in unnatural positions with other furniture disturb you, surf elsewhere. NOTE: This site is slow to download, which tells me that this "scoop" is not an Aces Full of Links exclusive.


[HUMOR] - John Ashcroft - Swingin' Attorney General?
Ashcroft Sings. Here we have the Smoking Gun website distributing mp3s of the Attorney General putting his whole heart and soul into a rousing tune - "Blessed Be That City."
While I appreciate his anti-materialistic message, I have to scratch my head at verses like:
We got hot-shot jocks explainin'
How eatin' right and trainin'
Gonna save you from yourself and make you free.

I thought eating right just made you healthy. Then again, I'm not one to listen to "hot-shot jocks, " so...
At any rate, the guy's voice isn't half bad. I would encourage the man to quit public servitude and seek opportunities in a boy band.
(While we're doing singing politicians, let's not leave out Jim Jeffords and The Singing Senators.)
[HUMOR] Rude Joke Of The Day - Here is the rude and crude joke of the day, in the form of a JPEG. Don't click if you don't want to risk offense. Please, think of the kittens.
[SITE NEWS] - We now have on-the-page comments! - Thanks to Mike for bringing YACCS to my attention. They are now hosting inline commenting on this site. A little more convenient than the forum, now if you want to comment on a specific story, just click on the "Comments" link. The link also lists how many comments have already been made. Other readers will see your comments in context when they click the link after reading the story. Neato!
[WEIRD] - Steve Burns (formerly "Steve" of Blue's Clues) has his own web page promoting his new projects. The main one is an album of music calles "Songs For Dust Mites." The sample songs are odd, in a neat way. See Steve without hair!
Steve's Web Page: The Main Central Page With All the Doings


[FRIENDS] - Mike has a weblog! He calls it Random Noise. I now have some motivation to start a list of other weblogs. Also, he's got a cool comments system that I am going to steal for "AcesFull" when I get the time.


[HUMOR] - Art for the lowest moments - The Museum of Depressionist Art is a collection of... well, let me allow it to describe itself:
As all collections profit from a common theme, the Mumblestoats decided to specialize in the art of the Depressionist school, which most other museums rejected as being too miserable, dejected and hopeless to warrant space on a wall.

Depressionism, according to the landmark Johnson & Jansen "Big Book o' Art Stuff," is not limited to a single place or time. Instead it reflects the low point of an otherwise highly regarded artist's career.

One of my faves from the collection is Young Girl With An Attitude. And who could forget The Heartbreak of Genetic Engineering.