[FUNNY] -Yes, Prime Minister, Windows is buggy as heck. - Excite - News reports:
Montreal French-language station CKMF-FM said on Wednesday that staffers Marc-Antoine Audet and Sebastien Trudel had a 10-minute telephone chat with Microsoft Corp. boss Gates on Monday, April 1. The broadcast was aired in their nightly show on Tuesday and repeated on Wednesday.

The thing is, they were pretending to be the Canadian Prime Minister. Where can I get that recording?
[TECH] Music from Electrons - Julie sent this my way: Electronic Musical Instruments 1870 - 1990. It's a history of electronic music. Among the interesting instruments are the theremin and the theremin cello. I'd never heard of a theremin cello before. Kinda neat!

For those unfamiliar with the theremin, it's that instrument you hear in those old horror and sci-fi movies that almost sounds like an organ but it makes a continuous, haunting, howling noise. Or you can just here what it sounded like.


[CORRECTION] - Bush Stevie Wonder Story - According to Snopes, the story about Bush waving to Stevie Wonder is blown out of proportion. Believe what you like, but I thought it fair to include this update: Urban Legends Reference Pages: Inboxer Rebellion (Catch the Wave!)


[TECH] Cheap Home DVD Creation? - Don't hold your breath! However, you can make VCDs out of the movies on your hard drive with a regular CDRW drive, and these will play on most DVD players. I haven't tried it yet, but I am intrigued. Here are a couple of sources of information:

That VCDHelp site appears to have been hacked, so if that link doesn't work, try this one: http://vcdhelp.com/. (On second look that "hack" is someone's April Fool's joke, but one of those links should work.)