[HUMOR] - Raw and funny - Need more protein in your humor diet? Try the refreshingly bizarre RED MEAT. It's a cartoon with a bite.
[PERSONAL] - Jango Fett - So I bought a Jango Fett action figure. It's from Hasbro, the nice people who have helped support my daughters' hospital.
Okay, so it has nothing to do with that. I admit to embracing my inner Star Wars geek. Or maybe it's because I never got the free Kenner Boba Fett Action Figure (when you buy any four Star Wars Action Figures) back just before The Empire Strikes Back came out. Who can tell? One thing is certain. I'm a Star Wars geek.


[HUMOR] - Accept Jesus - Get A Free Phone! - Some consider the Landover Baptist site to be very offensive. They consider it so offensive there is a concerted effort going on to get it removed from the WWW (if other Christian sites I've read are to be believed). This parody is a pretty blatant attack on the loudest evangelical aspects of Christianity. Thanks to freedom of speech, you can judge the humor for yourself.
[THE NET] - Spam As Art - You open your email program one day and you find an ad for Viagra. What do you do? You write a message back that starts out like this:
You should really pay more attention who you send your advertising to. I am a 17-year-old college student, who, as any average 17-year-old male could tell you, is erect more often than not. If a butterfly flaps it's wings in China, I guarantee you, there isn't an atomic clock that can accurately measure the speed in which I will pitch a tent.

Well, you do that if you're Jonathan Land, author of The Spam Letters.


[HEALTH] - Cancer with your cornflakes - You'll likely be reading about this elsewhere (or everywhere) but it appears some researchers think that "basic foods eaten by millions around the world such as bread, biscuits, potato chips and french fries contain alarmingly high quantities of acrylamide, a substance believed to cause cancer"
Yahoo! News - Cancer Risk Found in French Fries, Bread.

The latest panic?
[KOOKS] - The Evils of Apple - OBJECTIVE: Creation Education: Evolutionism Propaganda is a page that will open our eyes to the evil forces trying to chip away at our Christianity. Witness:

This company is well known for its cult-like following. It isn't much of a stretch to say that it is a cult. Consider co-founder and leader Steve Jobs' constant exhortation through advertising (i.e. mind control) that its followers should "think different". We have to ask ourselves: "think different than whom or what?" The disturbing answer is that they want us to think different than our Christian upbringing, to reject all the values that we have been taught and to heed not the message of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Hear my evaluation of this individual. Or some kind of web-troll.

[ACTIVISM] - Do you support Philip Morris? - You do if you buy Kraft products. If this is somehting that concerns you, mosey on over to Philip Morris' Website and check out the link to Kraft Foods. Yep - they're owned by PM. So is Miller Brewing Co.
Worth noting.
[NUDITY] - They call it the streak... I guess streaking is bigger than I thought. The BBC is compiling lists of the most memorable ones. Is this a mostly Brit phenomenon? Do the "stuffy" Brittish actually streak more than Americans? Inconceivable!
BBC SPORT | SOL | Bare without a care


[ENTERTAINMENT] - Visit a real space station - virtually... IMAX has produced a new 3D movie: Space Station. The subject of the film? The International Space Station. IMAX partnered with Lockheed Martin and NASA to send a 3D film crew to visit the space station and record its story.

The details can be found at IMAX.com. If you've ever seen an IMAX movie in 3D (the Cirque de Soleil "Journey of Man" was stunning) and are at all interested in space, this is going to be a must-see. 3D IMAX is an immersing film experience.

This film is currently playing at the Feinstein IMAX theatre in the Providence Place Mall. Check website for showtimes.


[WORLD POLITICS] - Extreme Rightism Gaining Popularity in France? - The shock is spreading in the aftermath of an extreme rightist (some say fascist) advancing to the may 5 run off which will determine the president of France. Jean-Marie Le Pen is an ex-paratroper known for (among other things) trivializing the Nazi gas chambers as a mere "detail in history."

BBC News | EUROPE | France stunned by Le Pen success
NYT: Protests grow over Le Pen's victory
NYT: Extreme Rightist Eclipses Socialist to Qualify for Runoff in France
Restless voters threaten France's old certainties
[ENTERTAINMENT] - Riddle me this, Batman! - Looks like TVLand now has the old Batman series. For many of us, this series left an indelible mark on our childhoods. TVLand will be running a marathon of episodes on Monday the 29th of April. TVLand sums up the series thusly:

There was drama and conflict galore between the forces of good and evil, but the series essentially came down to two burning questions:
1) Will young Master Dick Grayson remember to be polite?; and
2) Will Batman lose the struggle against his libidinous desires for Catwoman?

TVLand Batman (Note: TVLand is a noisy website - be warned)


[HEALTH] - Scientific Rigor Meets Alternative Medicine - When they start using rigorous testing on alternative medicine claims you can expect 2 things:

  1. - Most alternative treatments will be found to have no scientific basis.
  2. - It won't make a damn bit of difference to many people.

Boston Globe Online / Casting a cold eye on hot remedies